TEG crafts spaces that revive neighborhoods and streetscapes, combining our firm’s expertise with our unique approach that involves every member of our staff. Each day, we strive to understand the intricacies of every neighborhood in which we work, strike the balance between form and function and cultivate lasting relationships with our clients.

Modeling | Feasibility Studies | Analysis

TEG Economics focuses on the economics and planning of mixed-use areas, clinic with a special emphasis on redevelopment of commercial districts, transit-related development areas, collateral development for institutional property owners and destination locations. Firm principals provide the critical economic underpinning for the decisions of owners, developers, municipalities and universities weighing their development options. These studies often take shape as analyses for retail programming, online planning of entertainment, sports and media districts or even as city-wide examinations of retail strengths and weaknesses. With expert knowledge of markets, trends and consumer behaviors, TEG Economics provides its client the extra dimension of economic analysis – delivering strategy-driven plans and concepts for success.


Architecture | Planning | Interiors

Whether starting a new development or revitalizing an existing asset, TEG Architecture applies the knowledge of experienced architects, planners and designers to the challenge. With a full understanding of how zoning, public policy, land values, and market demand impact the bottom line, TEG helps clients get the largest return on investment possible.

Branding | Graphic Design | Environmental Graphics

Shaping and communicating the identity of a place is as important as its creation. Whether it is a downtown revitalization, mixed-use development, urban district or a retail space, TEG Design brings the project to life. Our creative services team has the ability to communicate the essence of a place in a few simple words and through the creation of a memorable icon, translate this vision into an identity package, signage system, and marketing campaign.
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